Hectic Nights and a Hungry Family: Three Easy Dinner Solutions

Busy weeknights filled with extracurricular activities quickly take away free time, things become rushed and dinner is an annoying afterthought. At the end of an already tiresome day, the last thing you want to do is stand in the kitchen and prepare a meal, making a mess, and dishes. That is simply too much. Instead, there are several quick and easy dinner options that can change the family’s mood from tired and cranky to full and happy.

Slow Cooker

When you know a hectic day lies ahead you can properly plan and prepare a meal that is hot and ready when your crew files into the kitchen demanding food. The internet is filled with many delicious slow cooker recipes to select between. Mexican, Italian, Chinese, or a wide variety of casseroles can be put in the pot in the morning then fully cooked and ready by evening.


There are often times when a day gets the best of you. The schedule runs behind, there are places to go, things to do, but very little downtime. Thankfully there are countless restaurants that offer their amazing menus to-go. Ordering pizza from a takeout pizza restaurant union ky is always a people pleaser. Specialty pizzas or custom toppings are always a hit. Delicious sides like breadsticks, cheese bread, chicken, and desserts round out the meal. Call the order in or even order online so the order is ready when you want it to be.


When everyone gets home and is exhausted, no will to even leave for food then delivery is the option. There are many apps that will let you order from a wide selection of restaurants that do not typically offer delivery. These apps charge a fee for their service and gratuity is not included by suggested for the person willing to do your legwork. Many pizza and Chinese restaurants offer delivery for a small fee plus a tip for your driver. These restaurants only deliver within a certain distance of their physical location whereas app-based ordering will deliver almost anywhere. The bonus of delivered meals is it is the ultimate convenience, there is no need to even change out of your pajamas.

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Busy days lead to busy nights and hectic schedules can certainly strain a family. The frustration only mounts when a hungry crew converges home with expectations of a hot dinner prepared and ready at a moment’s notice. often the adults in charge of preparing the food on these nights are exhausted, weary, and in no mood to stand around cooking. There are meal options for these types of days that can ease stress and feed everyone efficiently. Crockpot meals, takeout, and delivery all provide options to fit even the pickiest family’s preferences. Almost any kind of cuisine is available through these outlets. Next time you find yourself stressed and hungry with expectant eyes boring a hole into your head pleading for sustenance simply select one of these options and consider the problem solved.