Pizza Delivery A Viable Service to Market

Pizza Delivery Means Convenience For Customers

A pizza delivery service means additional income for pizza restaurants and convenience for customers. It gives customers fresh, hot pizza delivered to their door, in a short period of time. About 80 percent of all restaurants use a form of pizza delivery today.

Use a current POS system that tracks deliveries. Many of the new POS systems support pizza delivery services. Set up a different phone line and area, to take orders for the pizza delivery service. Try to keep it separate, from service, for dine in customers.

Let customers know how long it will take employees, to deliver the pizza. Set up a realistic time frame for delivery. Don’t promise fast delivery to customers, when you cannot meet the time frame.

When the delivery service is a large part of the business, purchasing vehicles for staff member to drive for delivery is cost effective and protects businesses legally when accidents occur. These delivery vehicles can be wrapped to advertise the restaurants pizza delivery service.

Train delivery drivers to learn the streets and roads in the area. They should know the quickest way to deliver pizza to the customer safely. Double check orders before delivery, to avoid mistakes. Use good packaging to keep the pizza warm and well ventilated. Charge a fee for delivery; it is a special service for customers.

Many pizza restaurants set up a work station to optimize pizza delivery. It has a phone, pad for notes, and the POS system. Use the information captured by the POS system to improve the pizza delivery service and advertise it effectively.

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This POS system stores information on customers’ preferences. This can be used to market the pizza delivery service. Information on the customer’s favorite types of pizza ordered, popular geographic locations, neighborhoods, and payment methods are collected. This helps businesses customize their marketing to customers.

Reasons Online Ordering Systems Increase Sales

Online ordering increases customer satisfaction and is growing faster than dining in. Offering online ordering as part of the delivery service caters to a large group of customers that use mobile phones or devices. This markets the pizza delivery service to new customers.

A delivery service and online ordering brings in more sales for pizza restaurants. When customers order online there is less errors. A pizza restaurant, with its own online ordering system, cuts down on the costs and fees charged by using third party vendors.

Benefits of Pizza Delivery to Customers

Employees are working late on a special project, for a business in Kirkwood MO. One member of the staff orders pizza online for the group and arranges for pizza delivery Kirkwood MO.

Pizza delivery save consumers the time it takes to drive to the restaurant, pick up the pizza, and drive back. It helps families and office worker, order a healthy meal to eat when they don’t have the time to prepare or cook something. It reaches many different customers due to the convenience it offers.